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Migraine Massage

Relieves headache pain, help prevent headaches from occurring, decrease the frequency and duration of migraines, non-pharmocological treatment for headaches, safe and effective-not just a cover up. Promotes circulation blood flow in areas that might be ischemic (lacking blood flow), Trigger point Therapy or Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) can help decrease the pain and referral’s into the neck and head. Relieves muscle spasms/tension, loosen chronically tight muscles and taught bands of tissue. This helps with muscle balance and neck aliment. Loosening muscles that attach to the base of the skull (sub-occipitals) can relieve the tension headaches that travels up the back of the head and into the eye.. Reduce levels of the street hormone Cortisol. Increases endorphins and stimulates the Para-Sympathetic Nervous system, therefore promoting relaxation. Tension headaches can be caused by spasms, trigger points, TMJ dysfunction, neck alignment, stress, hormonal/chemical changes, dehydration, and stress/anxiety.