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Michelle works magic with her hands! I came to her suffering from a super stiff neck after a cross-country flight. I could barely turn my head when I sought her help. She knew how to work all the areas around my pain. After nearly two hours of what felt like a magic massage, the range of motion in my neck had improved significantly and my neck pain was almost non-existent. Michelle knows her craft well. I look forward to her healing touch whenever I am in Los Angeles.

Alexsis Blakely, Client / Washington DC

My name is Toni Menage and I own a small entertainment company in New York City. As you can imagine, my business requires me to work late and sometimes long hours. I’m responsible for 10 musicians at a time, a sound company along with having to deal with the needs of our clients for every event we play.  Needless to say, it is stressful being in charge of so many moving parts in the busiest city in the world…

I first had Michelle Marshburn work on me a few years back. She attended a show and noticed I was in pain when I came off the stage. She worked on my back in the green room for about 30 min. I cannot explain to you the relief she gave me. I had no idea that there was so many things going in my body.  She focused on and pin pointed the areas that were ailing me the most. Her targeting those areas helped me tremendously.

Michelle even gave me information as she worked on me that helped me in my day to day. For example, I was carrying my wallet with in my back pocket for years. I would sit on the wallet not realizing it was contributing to the problem. She informed me that by doing that I was creating great discomfort for my lower back. I never put a wallet in my back pocket anymore.  Problem solved.

She showed me how to massage other parts of my body just in my day to day to give my self temporary relief (forearm, hands, fingers etc). I use those methods she recommends often. It’s help to change my life. Every chance I get, when I can get an appointment with Michelle I jump at the opportunity. I travel to the west coast often and believe me having her work on me goes on my schedule no matter how busy I am.

It’s necessary. Her work is life changing. The healing is priceless. Her hands are magic!! Great energy.  She’s a natural healer..
There is no replacement for feeling GREAT. The world can be a stressful experience.. Treat your self to Michelle’s magic massages, trigger point and invaluable tips on how to live a life of wellness. You will be happy you did!


Toni Menage, Owner & Creative Director, Ménage Works Inc. /

When I met Michelle I’d suffered from regular migraines and other extreme pain in my neck and shoulders for years. I had a trigger point session with her and in an hour she changed my entire body! She’s so knowledgable and intuitive, it felt like I was in an expert’s hands. Trigger point is not your typical relaxing massage, it is therapeutic and healing. Before my session I had no idea with the right amount of pressure on the source of my pain I could be pain (and medicine) free–Michelle is a game changer! Since my initial session I’ve had a couple touch ups, usually in particularly stressful times as a preventative measure. Migraines are a thing of the past for me and I couldn’t be more grateful!!!

tiffany rose smith, Writer /

From the moment Michelle touched me with her healing hands, I felt a deep exhale coming from not only my throat, but deep in my core [if that is possible].  I had no idea that I was so wound up.  Her hands are intuitive tools that seem to seek out the places I need them the most.   Michelle broke down blocks that I had lodged in my body like no massage therapist I have had before, and the interesting part is that she is unconventional, almost soulful in her massage therapy.  I won’t go to anyone else now!

Kristin Davis, Artist & Owner /

Not only is Michelle the best massage therapist, she is the most beautiful, energetic and positive person I met! Her treatment session will heal you physically and emotionally. I have gotten many massages and body treatments before, but Michelle’s massage and body scrub are the absolutely best, a relaxation for the body and the soul! She really loves what she is doing and she has amazing hands that will help any person who is lucky enough to receive a treatment. I miss you darling, and I wish I was closer so I can receive your massages every week. Good luck! I am so happy that you get to do what you love.

Alona Garcia, Customer Service Agent /